With the opening of a real eco-local market store in Les Coteaux, we wish to open up to all possibilities and opportunities.

The Covid has revealed a very strong priority for the majority of our members. Buying local (organic or not) is now considered as ecological and healthy as buying organic (local or not). We wish to increase the offer of local products.

Obviously, our goal is to promote the most ecological purchasing possible, that is to say, the most local, the most organic and the least amount of packaging possible.

To achieve this, we must increase our offer of local products available in store at all times, and have a more diversified and stable offer from our producers. We also want to offer first-rate visibility to their products in store, as is currently the case online.

We are therefore asking for help from producers to help us better define the Market's supply model so that it meets their needs, ours and those of consumers. This survey is designed to guide us in our thinking: https://fr.surveymonkey.com/r/planif2021 

On the other hand, in order to get everything in order, to be able to accomplish everything on a daily basis while imagining and realizing our collective dream for the future, we need a helping hand.

First of all, we keep the Rigaud premises, of course! We would like to give it a vocation, the one you want! We will work on it together. A simple drop-off point open on Thursday evenings? A sharing center where volunteers meet on Thursday afternoons to receive merchandise and distribute orders? Will there be an inventory on site or not? How do you see it?

There are also the material needs (shelves, counter, lighting, silos and bulk bins, posters, etc.) in terms of time (layout of Les Coteaux, refitting of Rigaud, painting, moving inventory, organization, etc.) Would you like to take part in this big step? Let us know your availability, your interests, your strengths. We will make room for you in this great adventure.

This survey is designed to guide us in our thinking and help us find people ready to give a hand : https://fr.surveymonkey.com/r/JMEcolocal 

The day dawns and everything is possible!

Take part in this great adventure! Whether it's by giving us your opinion, contributing to more in-depth discussions, developing our posters or driving a truck to move the merchandise... there's room for everyone!

Thank you for being there!

In solidarity,

Bianka Dupaul

Executive Director

How we adapted during Covid-19 sanitary crisis

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