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Welcome to Coop CSUR’s Ecolocal Market ("Ecolocal Market", "we", "our").  Thank you for using our website (www.marche.csur.ca) and other websites that we own and operate (collectively, the "Website"). We hope you will easily find all the information you need to complete your food and other online product and services orders.

Terms of service

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before using our Website. Access or using our Website becomes a binding contract with us and as such, Users agree to be bound by these Terms of Service. Should you refuse to comply with any of these Terms, you must forgo access to and use of this Website.


The Ecolocal Market (Coop CSUR) reserves the right to make changes to their Terms of service at any time. Notification will be by update on their website. It is each User’s responsibility to read the Terms of service periodically. Using our Website after any said changes assumes that the User accepts  these changes and are bound by the Terms of service in their modified version.

Ecolocal Market (Coop CSUR) also reserves the right to make changes to their  Website, including the products, goods or services provided or referenced therein, or to discontinue Website access, temporarily or permanently, with or without notice and without incurring any liability.


1.1 User Responsibility

As a User of the Website, you agree to use it diligently and judiciously, complying with the laws and standards set forth in these Terms of Service and the Privacy & Security Policy, also available online on our Website.
By using our Website, Users agree to be bound each and every time, without limitation or qualification by these Terms of service, representing and warranting that they have the legal authority to accept these Terms and in the name of any person they claim to represent. Users who do not agree to each of the provisions of these Terms, Users who are not authorized to accept these Terms or do not have the legal authority to accept these Terms, are not authorized to access or use the Website.

1.2 Access to Information - Products and Services Offereds

Content of the Website is for informational purposes only, unless otherwise indicated. It is the responsibility of each of our producers to register their products, to provide their description, to publish quantities available on a weekly basis and to determine the price. Conditions beyond their control could change the availability (especially of a meteorological nature). Product photos are for demonstration purposes only. No offer on the website should be considered an offer to purchase, subject to acceptance; Coop-CSUR will not assume this responsibility.

1.3 Website Access

Certain pages of our Website are restricted to users who have been granted a login code and password by Ecolocal Market. As part of registration to our Website for online sales and purchases, Users are required to choose a user code and password. Codes and passwords are confidential, they are not visible to or saved by the Ecolocal Market. User codes and passwords must be used in accordance with these Conditions and Terms of service.


Users may not freely or for any purpose use the content of our Website. For the purposes of these Terms  of service, all content available on our Website include text, graphics, photographs, drawings, graphics, headers, icons, presentations, arrangements, sounds, data, images and enhancements, software, applications, audio and video clips and any other information included in the text or any other element available on or through the Website (the "Contents" ).

As such, Users are required to respect the following:

       2.1.1  Contents of the Website belong exclusively to Ecolocal Market or to its producers, wholesalers and their registered
                 trademarks of the products sold.

       2.1.2  Content, including compilations, selections, presentations and arrangements of the Content are the exclusive property
                property of Ecolocal Market’s Website or owner of their rights and are protected by national copyright laws and
                international copyright conventions.

       2.1.3   Content is restricted to personal use only. Reproductions of selected extracts of the Content, may be used strictly
                   for personal purposes, provided intellectual property notices on the Website pages are also reproduced where the
                  content is accessible.

       2.1.4  Any other form of use, including reproductions, alterations, modifications, distributions, transmissions, republications,
                 exhibitions, broadcasts or public performances of the Content for any other purpose is strictly prohibited.                

2.2 Trademarks

All graphics, logos and trade names used in the Ecolocal Market Website are protected by international intellectual property laws and copyright conventions. Trademarks of the Ecolocal Market Website shall not be used in connection with third party products or services or in a manner that could, directly or indirectly, attack the credibility or discredit the Ecolocal Market Website or any third party. All other distinctive signs and trademarks and trade names remain the full intellectual property of their respective owners.

2.3 Third Party Intellectual Property

When using the Contentand services of the Ecolocal Market Website, users must take every precaution to not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties, especially content copyrights or trademarks. Website may contain other third party proprietary notices and copyright information that shall also be respected. Users to the website agree to warrant and to hold the Ecolocal Market free of any claim by third parties as a result of use of the Content, of the Ecolocal Market Website or the CSUR Coop. Any user found at fault will bear all legal costs incurred in the context of a legal recourse by any third party.


In order to ensure the experience is pleasurable for all, Users of the Website must respect, at a minimum the following conditions:

3.1 Prohibitions

When consulting the Content and using the Ecolocal Market Website, User are obligated to ensure they do not:

      3.1.1 use means that would limit any other user’s peaceful use of the Website

      3.1.2  falsely present themself as an employee, agent or representative of the Ecolocal Market’s or its Website

      3.1.3 broadcast indecent, obscene, illegal or pornographic Content through the Ecolocal Market Website

      3.1.4 advertise commercially through the Website other than as an approved producer of products and services
                and subject to the terms of its Ecolocal Market Registration Agreement as a producer (refer to Producer
                Selection Process, the Producer Membership Guide and the User Manual).


4.1 Ecolocal Market does not wish to receive any unsolicited, promotional or unnecessary information through its Website. Any information or material sent to the Ecolocal Market in this context will be sorted and will be considered non-confidential, unless otherwise expressly and mutually agreed otherwise.

4.2 Sending User information intended for the transactional aspect of the Website, other than personal information as defined in the Privacy and Security Policy, grants the Ecolocal Market a non-exclusive right , royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable and fully assignable to use, reproduce, display, perform, modify, transmit and disseminate such information or material without restriction. User further agrees that Ecolocal Market is free to exploit the ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques received for any purpose whatsoever. User represents and warrants ownership or control all rights to the content posted; content is accurate, use of the provided content does not violate this policy and will not cause any harm to any natural or legal person. User also warrants to indemnify the Ecolocal Market or its affiliates for any claim arising out of the content provided. Ecolocal Market has the right but not the obligation to check and modify or delete any content. Ecolocal Market is not responsible for any content posted by you or a third party.

4.3 Ecolocal Market will not disclose User name or any other personal information with respect to the transmittal of data or information unless:

a) User has authorized the Ecolocal Market to its name

b)  User receives prior notice from the Ecolocal Market that data or information that as transmitted to a section of its Website will be disseminated or otherwise used User’s name, or

c)  Ecolocal Market is obliged to do so by law. For more details, see the Ecolocal Market's Privacy and Security Policy, which is available online.


As a User, you may complete transactions on our online website for many of our products and services. Where applicable, special rules and conventions govern access and use; we recommend you consult in appropriate time. These Terms apply concurrently to the particular conventions and rules that govern them unless there is an inconsistency, in which case such terms and special rules will take precedence.

5.1 All transactions made via our Website, including the purchase and sale of any goods and services, are governed by these Terms and the applicable specific transaction agreements. Using our Website or participating in any transaction through our Website, demonstrates User agreement with these Terms and, if applicable, the applicable specific transaction agreements.

5.2 It is the User’s responsibility to be aware of all Ecolocal Market terms and conditions of sale (including payment and pick-up at drop-off points, if applicable).

5.3 Ecolocal Market does not guarantee the availability of any products or services or that a transaction may necessarily be concluded in connection with these products and services. In general, Ecolocal Market, its producers and authorized wholesalers may determine a particular period of validity of a promotion and reserve the right to limit quantities. They cannot guarantee the availability of a product beyond the depletion of stock.

5.4 Ecolocal Market, its producers and authorized wholesalers reserve the right to change prices of products and services offered on the Website at any time, without prior notice.
5.5 By subscribing to this Website, Users may elect to be added to our electronic newsletter mailing list; as part of User rights, subscriptions may be managed according to preferences at any time. The choice to unsubscribe from the mailing list will always be available in the emails sent and on the homepage of our Website (see the bottom of the webpage).

5.6 Ecolocal Market reserves the right, at any time, to modify, to interrupt temporarily or permanently, in whole or in part, its Service without any prior notice. Ecolocal Market shall not be held responsible to Users or to any third party for any modification, suspension or interruption of the Website.


6.1 Responsibility



6.2 Quality, Updates and  ontent Reliability


Thus, all information and Content provided on our Website is presented strictly and solely for informational and general purposes. No advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained by users when using the Website, can be considered as providing guarantees not expressly provided for in these Terms of Service.

Content posted on our Website may contain inaccuracies, errors or omissions. Although Ecolocal Market is diligent in providing accurate and up-to-date information, Users must be aware that the information provided is without any express or implied warranty. Therefore, to the extent permitted by applicable law, Ecolocal Market makes no warranty, express or implied, regarding the reliability, accuracy, timeliness, usefulness or completeness of the Content on our Website.

6.3 Technical responsibility

Our Website is accessible as per its available. Ecolocal Market does not provide any express or implicit warranty, including in particular but not limited to the warranties relating to the quality and compatibility of our Website for specific use and the non-violation of rules of other users.

Users are solely responsible for any damage to computers or other equipment or for any loss of data resulting from any downloaded material from our Website.

6.3.1 Permanence of the service

Ecolocal Market does not guarantee:

      - functionality and Contents of our Website without interruption;

      - content without omissions, delays, interruptions or losses, including loss of data;

      - accurate and reliable results obtained using our Website;
     - the quality of any product, service, information or other material purchased or obtained from our Website will
        meet with User expectations ;

     - content free of errors, or
     - remedial to any defects;

6.3.2 Viruses

Ecolocal Market does not guarantee that the files available for download from our Website are free of "infections", viruses or codes of any type, or having contaminating or destructive properties introduced by third parties.


In the event of a dispute between the User and Ecolocal Market, Ecolocal Market will use its complaint process, which entitles both parties to express themselves and to be heard before CSUR Coop General Management and/or the Deputy Director General. According to the judgment, at the end of the process, Ecolocal Market may terminate all or part of the User’s right of access, corresponding to user codes and passwords, up to and including the deletion of user codes and passwords.

Ecolocal Market detains the right to remove or move the Content from its Website, for any reason, but more specifically for lack of use, or if it has reason to believe that a User has violated these Terms of Service

Blocking of User access pursuant to these Terms and Conditions will occur without prior notice.  Ecolocal Market has the right to deactivate or delete, at any time and with immediate effect, any file or portion of files and/or prohibit any subsequent access to these files or to its Website.

Ecolocal Market shall not be held responsible for any User’s or Third Party’s termination of access.


8.1 Ecolocal Market reserves the right to modify these Terms of Service at any time, without prior notice, simply by posting a revised version on its website. In such an event, Ecolocal Market shall be diligent in notifying Users in connection to their use of the Website. Users hereby agree to revise these Terms on a regular basis to remain aware of any changes. By accessing and using the Website, Users acknowledge having accepted these changes, that the Terms and Conditions for modifying these Terms of Service are reasonable and are in the best interests of concerned parties.

8.2 The fact that any of the provisions of these Conditions shall be declared void or unenforceable by a Court or any other competent authority shall not have the effect of nullifying or rendering inapplicable other provisions which remain in force.

8.3 These Conditions, including the documents to which they refer, constitute the complete and current agreement between the Ecolocal Market Website and the User may not be substitute any other oral or written agreement, prior or contemporaneous, subject to any modifications in accordance with the present Terms and Conditions.

8.4 Failure by Ecolocal Market to exercise its rights granted to it under this Agreement does not constitute a waiver of the right to enforce these rights.

8.5 Section titles of the articles of these Terms are for illustrative purposes only to facilitate the reading of the document and can not be used for the interpretation of its clauses.