What to do to pick up you order at one of our drop-offs?

You're a new member at the Ecolocal Market, you need to get your order at one of our drop-off location? Here's how to do it!

1.Print your order or get access to it with your smart phone. 

We strongly suggest to have your printed or electronical order on hand , to get an idea of the number of bags or containers that you'll need to bring. For example, you might have ordered frozen, fridge or shelf products, so you'll need a minimun of 3 bags . 

2. Bring your own bags to transfer your order 

You'll need to bring your own bags to transfer your order once you'll be at the drop-off location. You'll need to leave the ones that were used with your name at the location . We'll bring them back at the Market and they will be re-used. We have a limited number of bags and name tags, this is why it's important to leave them at the drop-off location. 

2. How to get your oder, once you are at the drop-off location

For these drop-off locations, you'll need to present yourself at one of the staff member to get your order: 

- Ecolocal Market, LEs Coteaux

- Pharmacie Familiprix , Coteau-du-Lac

- La Source d’Entraide , Saint-Lazare

- Coop CSUR ,  Ste-Marthe

-Pharmaprix Boul.Monseigneur Langlois, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield
The staff member will give you the bags and containers that are under your name or where to pick them up. 

- CrossFit Vaudreuil-Dorion, drop-off location  : Self serve. Your bags will be in an identified Marché Écolocal fridge and the shelf products are on a table near the fridge. 

-Ecolocal Market, Rigaud : You'll need to present yourself at one of the staff member or volonteer on site. Your order will be revised with you. If you are in a hurry, you can check your order yourself with your printed order on hand. 

3 - Check carefully the name tags on the bags or the containers. 

Once you get your bags, make sure that the nametags are really yours. Nametags are attached to the bags or containers. It's easy to make a mistake. We can have a member named Marc-André and another one named Marie-André . 

For the Ecolocal Market in Rigaud, there's no name on the boxes , Boxes have numbers. We have a list of members with corresponding numbers.  

4 – Check that all the products on your printed order are there. 

You need to check that all your products are there. Products that were not available or not delivered will be at 0 with the mention . If you have missing products, check in the fridge or freezer to see if it was dropped. If you don't have your printed order, a copy will be in the shelf bag. On that copy, you'll have the information of the number of bags that were delivered under your name ( Shelf, Fridge, Freezer) . *

* this exclude Rigaud Ecolocal Market , we're revising your order with you. Ceci exclu le point de cueillette de Rigaud, puisque la validation se fait sur place.

Satisfaction policy:

We're doing our best to offer fresh and quality products and your order is revised by volunteer before shipping. . Sometimes, during transport , products can get damaged. If it's the case, please contact us at infomarche@csur.ca  Same with missing products. 


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