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Cayenne pepper


3.35 $

3.35 / 100 g

Stevia leaves – organic

Fresh herb that is very sweet. Can replace sugar in your beverages and recipes...

3.25 $

3.25$ / 10g

Thaï basil – organic

Basil with a licorice flavor..

2.50 $

2.50$/ Botte 21g



11.00 $


Potatoe bread

Mâle site réel cooked potatoe..

6.00 $

Organic all-purpose mix flour 2kg

ingredients: brown rice flour, tapioca startch, chickpea flour and guar gum..

8.61 $


Yellow beans

Fresh yellow beans from the Hudson Heartbeat Community Farm! Certified Organic!..

3.50 $
 Linguini -7%


The pasta is made in Italy, in a factory dedicated solely to the production of organic pasta. The water used in the making of the pasta comes from a spring that does not have any industrial agriculture upstream. The pasta is drawn with bronze to retain the sauce (except for the macaroni, which is smaller) and dried for a very long time at low temperature to preserve all its nutrients. Made from 100% organic durum wheat semolina, harvested by a cooperative of regional producers or farms with strict supply agreements.Ingredients:Organic durum wheat semolina. May contain traces of soy...

2.78 $ 3.00 $


 Linguini -7%


In the production of pasta, Artisan Tradition uses raw material of Italian origin and water from a source that does not have an industrial agriculture upstream. The pasta is dried at low temperature and for a very long time in order to keep in the finished product all the nutritive principles and organoleptic contents already present in the raw material.Organic durum wheat semolina spaghetti pasta is known for its ability to retain the sauce. Whether it's for a spaghetti carbonara recipe or with pesto sauce, choose Artisan Tradition pasta for a meal like no other.Ingredients :Organic durum wheat semolina. May contain traces of soy...

2.78 $ 3.00 $


3 Lacs - Trousse de dégustation Microbrasserie Trois Lacs -8%

3 Lacs - Trousse de dégustation Microbrasserie Trois Lacs

Here is the ideal IPA tasting kit! 4 different kinds of IPA from Microbrasserie Trois Lacs!4 beersJAM Session - IPA SessionVau Do IPA - NEIPADouble IPAnanas - Double IPA PineappleThe Viking - Kveik IPA..

18.00 $ 19.60 $
45lbs Greenhouse organic Tomato -7%

45lbs Greenhouse organic Tomato

Greenhouse tomato..

117.00 $ 126.00 $
8lbs Garlic skape -20%

Basil – organic -20%

Basil – organic

Stems and leaves enhance tomatoes and pastas. Goes well with garlic, oignons and olive oil. It doen't combine well with vinegars or other herbs. It prefers olive oil and lemon juice. Do not simmer basil as its essences is very volatile. Should be added just beforre serving. ..

2.00 $ 2.50 $

2.50$ / Botte 21g

Black beans 540 ml -15%

Black beans 540 ml

Canned.  Ingredients: organic red kidney beans, water..

2.92 $ 3.44 $


Buckwheat flour -51%

Buckwheat flour

Agrobio product. Buckwheat flour ordered in bulk and repackaged by the ecological market...

0.20 $ 0.41 $

0.41$ / 100g


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