Ham veggie

Ham veggie

Pile on our Veggie Salami without the guilt. Perfect in sub sandwiches, savour the flavor and forget..

3.95 $


Original veggie ground round

Original veggie ground round

Receiving rave reviews for its outstanding taste and versatility, this award-winning Veggie Ground..

3.99 $ 4.69 $

4.69$ / 340g

Turkey veggie

Turkey veggie

Deliciously seasoned and made with soy protein, our Veggie Turkey Slices are low in fat and let you ..

3.44 $

3.44$ / 155g

Veggie breakfast links

Veggie breakfast links

Breakfast veggie sausage. Ingredients:  water, soy protein, wheat gluten, textured soy pro..

4.80 $

4.80$ / 200g

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