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Coop CSUR’s Ecolocal Market ("Ecolocal Market") has adopted a mission of making regional ecological products accessible to the Vaudreuil-Soulanges population by creating a direct link between consumers and producers in order to encourage regional development in the spirit of community, solidarity and environmental responsibility.

In order to fulfill this commitment, Ecolocal Market recognizes the importance of protecting all personal information communicated by its members in the course of its activities, including browsing of its websites or using its online sales and service.


This policy has been established to meet the regulatory requirements and applicable personal information and privacy legislation.

This policy addresses the provisions that govern the collection, possession, use, disclosure and destruction of personal information in the private sector. The established rules were designed to strike a balance between the privacy rights of individuals with respect to their personal information and the need for the Ecolocal Market to collect, use or disclose such information in the course of its commercial activities.

For the purposes of this policy, "personal information" is defined as any information about a physical person that would identify him/her.


In order to ensure compliance of its policy, Ecolocal Market does its utmost to require its employees, representatives or agents adopt responsible behavior at all times with respect to the protection of personal information, by ensuring they receive appropriate training, information or awareness.

The protection and confidentiality of any personal information held by the Ecolocal Market is controlled at each phase of information management: collection, possession, use, communication and destruction.

Ecolocal Market ensures that it obtains the free and informed consent of the member at each step of the management of their personal information, for each specific use and as such, valid only for the time necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was requested. Preferably, consent will be in writing.


Only employees, representatives or agents whose duties within the Ecolocal Market require it are authorized to collect personal information on its behalf.

Collection of information is usually made directly with the person concerned, with his/her consent. However, third party collection may take place, upon consent, or in areas as permitted by law.

Personal information is restricted to data necessary for the performance of its duties, for the achievement of specific objectives or in light of Ecolocal Market’s mission.

Any person from whom information is collected on behalf of the Ecolocal Market must be informed of the above policy, in addition to the proposed use of the information, who will have access to it, where it will be maintained and his/her right of access or rectification of said information.


Ecolocal Market applies the strictest security rules and takes every effort commercially available to ensure the confidentiality, protection against loss and unauthorized access to or modification of personal information, ensuring that these means are reasonable given the sensitivity of the information, the purpose of its use, the quantity, distribution and support of such data.

In addition, Ecolocal Market ensures that any personal information retained on paper is kept under lock and key and under the responsibility of an identified person. Personal information retained in digital format shall be protected in a manner that is effective, safe and that limits and controls access.


Access to personal information will be limited to Ecolocal Market employees, representatives or agents for whom this information is necessary in the performance of their duties; such information is limited solely to the purposes for which it was collected.

It is Ecolocal Market’s responsibility to ensure that information is current and accurate at time of use.


Ecolocal Market undertakes not to disclose personal information to third parties without obtaining prior consent of the concerned party or as is permitted by law.

Ecolocal Market commits not to sell, assign or lease any information to a third party. Upon communication of any personal information as duly authorized or permitted, Ecolocal Market shall ensure that the confidentiality of such information is protected.

Specifically, e-mail addresses may not be used to communicate messages or documents containing personal information without consent, unless appropriate measures are used to ensure the security and confidentiality of the communication.


All documents no longer necessary for the purpose for which they were collected and containing any personal information, whatever its medium, is destroyed in a process that ensures protection and confidentiality of said information.


Ecolocal Market shall inform any member, upon request, of the use made of their personal information as well as any sharing with third parties, if applicable.

At all times, Ecolocal Market will allow members to access and consult his/her personal information, to challenge the accuracy of such information and have the appropriate corrections made, as required by law.

Requests for access to personal information, correction requests or updates must be made in writing to the Marketing Manager at 98, rue St-Jean-Baptiste EST, Rigaud, J0P 1P0. Responses will be provided within thirty (30) days of the date of receipt of the request.


All employees, representatives or agents of the Ecolocal Market are required to take appropriate measures in order to strictly adhere to this policy at all times as well as respect their the obligation relating to the protection of personal information.

When in doubt on the application of this policy, any employee, representative or agent of the Ecolocal Market shall consult CSUR Coop Management prior to any actions that could potentially violate legislation in the collection, possession, use, disclosure or destruction of personal information.

Failure to respect the provisions of this policy or applicable legislation likely to affect the confidential nature of the personal information held by Ecolocal Market must be reported without delay to  CSUR Coop  management.

Coop CSUR management is available to answer any questions regarding the content or application of this Policy.
Complaints with respect to the management or application of this Policy must be submitted within a reasonable period of time to CSUR Coop Management at 633 Main Street, Sainte-Marthe, Quebec, J0P 1W0.


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