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- Soap Mother of dragons

GAME OF TRHONES COLLECTION Daenerys of the House Targaryen, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Queen of Meereen, Protector of the Realm, Lady Regent of the Seven Kingdoms, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons only wears a scent fit for a queen: Peach, Violet, and Muguet are harmoniously blended with a Dragon's Breath of Bergamot, Orange, and Gardenia- finished with Vanilla Bourbon and Sandalwood...

8.00 $


- Soap The wall ( for Men )

GAME OF THRONES COLLECTIONS A Brother of the Night's Watch stands tall, gazing out into the distance 700 feet below. It is cool, the air is thick with the scent of frozen ocean and lemon. He is cold, but keeps warm with his thick fur overcoat and Dire Wolf at his side. He breathes the sweet smell of Fresh Powder and Sweet Musk...

8.00 $


- Soap White Walkers ( Men )

GAME OF THRONES COLLECTIONStrange and beautiful, the undead army is awoken by the scent of Mandarin and Mint. Thousands of blue eyes pierce the icy tundra. The scent of Fir Needle and Geranium fills the air. The Night's King leads his army South, with the confidence of rich Vetiver and Amber...

8.00 $


Peach and pear sparkling water

8 cans of 355ml per box..

5.78 $

6 White bagel with cheese

Made from Moulin de Soulange flour.Ingredients: flour, water, salt, yeast and cheese...

5.25 $

8 maple meringues

With Maple sugar on top..

4.80 $
 Dijon Mustard -10%

Dijon Mustard

A pure Dijon mustard with its lovely creamy texture and inimitable sharpness. Fans of strong mustard rejoice! Use this oil in dressings and mayonnaise or brush on pork and lamb chops before cooking. Makes a tasty accompaniment to terrines and cold cuts.Use: Prepare Vinaigrettes and mayonnaises. Speciality: Raw – No sugar added – No preservatives – Gluten-free From: Canada Ingredients: water, organic mustard seeds, organic apple cider vinegar, sea salt. Certifications: GM-free-gluten-free-organic Canada-prepared foods in Quebec..

3.17 $ 3.52 $

3.52$ / pot 250ml

 Intense dark 88% chocolate -30%

Intense dark 88% chocolate

Camino brand chocolate bars certified organic and fairtrade.ingredients: cacao mass, sugars, cacao butter, ground vanilla beans, min 88% cacao..

3.42 $ 4.88 $

4.35$ / barre de 100g

- Soap - Fruit Loops -20%

- Soap - Fruit Loops

A sweet and delectable delight of juicy orange, ripe berries, tangerine and sugared vanilla.Contains shea butter, coconut oil and canola oil. A perfect mix for a wonderful softness and an enveloping foam ❤..

6.40 $ 8.00 $


3 Lacs - Double IPAnanas - Double IPA Pineapple -10%

3 Lacs - Double IPAnanas - Double IPA Pineapple

Made with 10% real pineapple, this double IPA will transport those who drink it to a tropical paradise of their choice. Inspired by American beers with extra hops, it is best served with pineapple slices on a hot summer day. The power and warmth of the alcohol, complemented by a double dose of aromatic hops will bring a light taste to your Happy Hour with a couple or friends. Particularly appreciated by the ladies, it will quickly become the favorite cocktail of the hot season or... to remind us of them all year round!..

4.75 $ 5.25 $


3 Lacs - Jam Session - Session IPA -11%

3 Lacs - Jam Session - Session IPA

This beer, in the style of a "music session between friends", is both unifying and inviting. It can be drunk around the pool, the campfire, at the cottage or during a meeting or dinner in good company. Having a very hoppy profile of the new world, it is endowed with a pleasant bitterness.  The dry-hop process enhances this nectar tinged with notes of lychees, peaches and passion fruit. Its light malty body gives the taste to plunge back into it!..

3.95 $ 4.45 $


3 Lacs - La Viking - Kveik IPA -10%

3 Lacs - La Viking - Kveik IPA

Its name comes from a contest held internally and it is the latest in the Microbrasserie Trois Lacs IPA series. But she doesn't let herself be imposed for all that.  The ingredient that makes it unique in taste is Norwegian Kveik yeast, which is fermented at very high temperatures to develop impressive orange flavors and taste.  The addition of simcoe and citra hops creates an explosion of flavors in the mouth and makes the tasting experience unforgettable. Just like the Vikings, let's hope that this crazy nectar will be passed on from generation to generation! For the tough of the tough!..

4.45 $ 4.95 $


3 Lacs - Trousse de dégustation Microbrasserie Trois Lacs -10%

3 Lacs - Trousse de dégustation Microbrasserie Trois Lacs

Here is the ideal tasting kit! 8 different kinds of beers with a cheese fondue made with our beers!8 beersPremière Impression - LagerLa Juicy - Rye Pale AleSt-Patrick - Irish RedheadJAM Session - IPA SessionVau Do IPA - NEIPADouble IPAnanas - Double IPA PineappleThe Viking - Kveik IPAThat's It That'Stout - Milk StoutFondue Cheese 350g - a meal for 2 or starter for 4..

45.00 $ 50.00 $


3 Lacs - Vau Do IPA - NEIPA -10%

3 Lacs - Vau Do IPA - NEIPA

Its name is a reference to our production site, Vaudreuil-Dorion, which is located in southwestern Quebec. Although it has this evocative name, it is inspired by New England beers (NEIPA). Its intense hoppy taste, balanced by a pleasant bitterness, presents aromas that will make those who taste it travel. The fragrant side and the flavours of American hops make this IPA a good tropical beer to be enjoyed in all seasons. In short, whether you are from the Vaudreuil-Dorion region or from outside, you are sure to appreciate this sweet nectar resulting from local know-how. A must!..

4.45 $ 4.95 $



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