Valens Farms, founded in 2005 by four local farmers that are fully dedicated to farming, growing and producing variety of products in a sustainable manner. Those who are a part of the Valens family are dedicated to producing quality products, because we believe what is good for you and your family is good for the environment too.

Our facility is located in the small town of Huntingdon, Quebec, 50 minutes southwest of Montreal, while our farms are located in the surrounding municipalities, Elgin and Godmanchester. It was established in order to provide the public with a direct link to farming. This gives you, the consumer, the opportunity to enjoy the honey from our bees, the syrup from our maple trees, the eggs from our chickens and the meat from our pastures.

Valens is not simply a butcher shop. While sausages are our specialty, we're also well known for our generous meat cuts of veal, lamb, pork, beef as well as free range and organic chickens, eggs, honey and cold pressed organic oils.

Through wholesome foods and local production, we takes pride in our service and quality. This gives you the benefit of knowing exactly where the food for your family is coming from.

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2 Boneless Natural Pork Chops

2 Boneless Natural Pork Chops

6.69 $

6.69$\paquet de 2 côtelettes

Black Forest sliced ham

Black Forest sliced ham

4.39 $


Chorizo Sausage
Currywurst Sausage

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