Ronald and Diane farm on 2.2 hectares of land in Saint-Polycarpe since 1993 where they started their family garden of more than 200 m2 without chemical pesticides or fertilizers. After doubling it's size, Ferme Natura began selling a big variety of vegetables to it's customers in 2008.

Today their are approximately 95 varieties of vegetables and herbs produced on 4 500 m
2 of land. Half of the crop is destined to organic baskets and the rest through internet orders, local outdoor markets and local independent organic grocery stores. Vegetables, herbs and fruits produced on the farm are certified organic by Ecocert Canada since July 5th 2011.

«We believe that we must produce while respecting the environment and thus protect our health and the health of future generations. Our motto : Working with nature tastes better»

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Latest Products

Assorted Bell Peppers – organic

Assorted Bell Peppers – organic

6.25 $

6.25$ / 750g

Baby green cabbage – organic

Baby green cabbage – organic

4.40 $

4.40$ / 1 kg

Blach Futsu squash – organic Sold by weight
Boston Pirat lettuce – organic

Boston Pirat lettuce – organic

3.00 $

3.00$ / unité


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