It all started with graphic design at home. Although the graphic design service is still offered, La Boîte Agile has become over time La Reine de Trèfle! Beekeeping, farmhouse and curiosity: a variety of homemade products have emerged. During the quieter period, it is the time to create new pieces on the loom and to visit the schools to talk about bees.
All of our products are made as eco-responsibly as possible. Maximize what the farmhouse offers us by consuming less but better! Do with what you have on hand!
Balms, candles and some soaps are made from wax and honey from our hives. Soaps are made with lard that we recover instead of throwing it away. This means that all our products are in limited quantities...until the next season!
Suzie St-pierre

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6$ / 40g

Candle -

Candle -

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candle beehive
Christmas ball candle

Christmas ball candle

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