Beyond your typical vegetables

Our hard work is driven by our passion to sustainably grow fresh specialty heirloom food for our community. It all began with our love of food and the search for a superior product that exceeds standards.

We offer a variety of vegetables from heirloom seeds as well as different herbs and a selection of edible flowers that can be used to complement your dishes or prepare herbal teas.

We also offer farm-fresh eggs (chickens and ducks) that roam free in the pastures. In winter, the ducks have unlimited access to the duck house and outside. Hens live in a greenhouse where they can do what they love most ... scratch the ground while still having access to the outdoors when they need to relax after their hard work.

We continuously implement various methods for gardening and raising animals. We operate with small scale intensive systems, by optimizing and diversifying the whole land and ecosystems.  Overtime, these ecosystems will work for us by naturally flourishing and regenerating themselves.

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