Champ Floral is a micro farm of edible flowers nestled high up in the mountains of the Laurentians. We cultivate plants, herbs and shrubs that are adorned with flowers for the pleasure of the eyes, nose, mouth, gluttony and gastronomy. When the abundance allows, the flowers are transformed on the spot into a range of original and local products.

Since 2020, we have also cultivated part of our production in Très-Saint-Rédempteur, bringing us closer to you.

We cultivate with respect for the living. It’s an everyday commitment for us.

Because we believe that every living thing, including plants, has its place and role, we try to intervene as little as possible.

Because our environment is forest and sometimes harsh, we choose flowers that will adapt easily, allowing us to avoid the use of fertilizers or pesticides. If we ever use them, they are environmentally friendly and responsible.

Because we embrace human curiosity, we do our best to introduce the edible flowers in a thousand and one ways so that they are found on the menu of all chefs, those of families as well as those of restaurants.

Par Anik Viger le  26/06/2020
 Les produits

Quelle belle découverte! Vos produits sont simplement WOW et le goût fin de la mesclun florale..simplement orgasmique. Agrémentée par votre vinaigrette..nous sommes délectées avec plaisirs et de OMG!
Merci énormément!

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